Start your day with motivation

We’re happy to introduce the result of our hard work! We have created the only podcast alarm app on iOS, where you can select from thousands of podcasts of any genre. Try setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Maybe to the next episode in a gripping drama, or start learning early with experts in your field. Select the episode and set the time, after that its up to you.

Your New Routine

Your New Routine

Wake up a little bit earlier and get in the next episode of your favourite podcast.
Wind Down

Wind Down

Set an alarm in the evening to start your bedtime routine.
Learn something new

Learn something new

Follow the saying "learn something new every day" and wake up to a ted talk.


Make a queue of episodes and have them play every day at 8am for a week.


Find great new daily podcasts to use in your next alarm.
Coming Soon – Connect

Coming Soon – Connect

Have the podcast play on your sound systems.

Carefully-Crafted iOS App

Search for every Podcast

Search directly in the app for any podcast show or episode. Then press the plus to add it to your

Every episode in every show

Huge collection of podcasts to choose from, everything you would get in iTunes is here too.

Search History

Quickly get back to the show or episode you like best.

Night Stand Mode

Set up your phone as a physical alarm clock, quickly see the time and next podcast that will play.

Your Library

Compose a list of episodes that you want to hear. Select which should be played as your alarm.

Set Alarms

Select the episode and time it should be played, why not wake up to a podcast you love.

We’re happy to receive as much feedback and reviews to our new app as possible. If you have some improvements and ideas to offer, or you want to share your thoughts considering our work, feel free to write us on twitter.

Get in at the start!

Podcast Alarm is just starting, you can now download it for free so you can help us make it even better.

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Also on iPad

Podcast Alarm app on iPad

Set up your iPad beside your bed to play alarms every day. With a larger screen you can see more details about each of the podcast episodes.