The podcast player that lets you wake up inspired

Download and create a list of your favourite podcasts. There are thousands to choose from, you can wake up to any topic imaginable. Then, either play now or set a time in the future to hear that episode.

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We’re happy to introduce the result of our hard work! You can select from thousands of podcasts of any genre. Try setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Maybe to the next episode in a gripping drama, or start learning early with experts in your field. Select the episode and set the time, after that its up to you.

Your New Routine

Wake up a little bit earlier and get in the next episode of your favourite podcast.

Wind Down

Set an alarm in the evening to start your bedtime routine.

Learn something new

Follow the saying "learn something new every day" and wake up to a Ted talk.


Make a queue of episodes and have them play every day at 8am for a week.


Find great new daily podcasts to use in your next alarm.


Coming Soon – Have the podcast play on your sound systems.

Alarm Creation

Way more than just the basics
Find out about the better way to wake up
Woman holding phone with podcast alarm app

Play alarms whenever! No need to keep the app open.

  • Set for weekdays or weekends or anything inbetween.
  • Automatically download and play the latest episodes of a daily show.
  • Queue up a list of episodes and play a new one each day.

Podcast Discovery

What would I even listen to?
What about, curated lists of awesome podcasts from online resources?

Find all the best Podcast Shows, by quickly seeing the ones recomended by the pros.

  • Search through episodes and shows directly for what you want.
  • Find a great daily show to listen and learn in the mornings.
  • Suggestions based on what you love.