Podcast Alarm Help and FAQ

If something is not working as you expect please reach out to me, Jonathan via email, FaceBook or Twitter.

The alarm isn't ringing

When Podcast Alarm is terminated from the background, alarms cannot play and will only vibrate. Please keep Podcast Alarm alive in the background and turn off silence/do not disturb mode just in case Podcast Alarm is terminated unintentionally as we send notifications as a backup.

"Disable Background" mode also prevents alarms from ringing if the app is not left open. We suggest you use the Nightstand view with the screen dimmed for this.

When would Podcast Alarm be unintentionally terminated from the background?

According to the Apple, it is technically impossible for users to know whether an app is alive in the background. That means seeing an app in the multi-tasking screen does not necessarily guarantee the app being alive.

My battery usage seems to have increased

Podcast Alarm needs to keep running in the background to be able to play your podcast. Unfortunately, this uses battery, to help with this you can use the "Disable Background" mode found in settings. You will need to keep the app open for the alarm to play, In this mode you are best to plug the phone in and open the Nightstand view.