How To Find A Good Podcast

If you are a podcast lover, then you will understand the struggle when it comes to finding a podcast that you like - the endless sieving through mediocre shows before landing on the true gems. It is even tougher when your favourite ones are coming to an end and you have nothing in stock. Put your mind at rest, because we have brought a list of strategies to make your life easier. If you follow these tips you will never run dry of great podcasts to listen to ever again.

The best way to find a new podcasts is to speak to family and friends for recommendations, otherwise check Apple's or other's podcasts charts for the categories you know you like. You can also sign up to specific newsletters to hear about the latest shows.

Asking Friends and Strangers

Even in this age of technology and the presence of different algorithms to help you find a suitable podcast, nothing beats the simple questions of "what are you listening to?" "is it any good?", "can you recommend one for me?" to an actual human. The truth is your friends and family are likely to have similar tastes as you or know what you would enjoy. If you are the outgoing type you can simply ask a stranger to recommend you one, podcast listeners are known for their friendliness.

Podcast Charts

Checking podcast charts is the standard practice for every newbie and even some established podcast listeners. The great thing is that no matter the niche or genre you decide to explore there is a chart for it. Apple and Spotify are well equipped with their algorithm to put each podcast channel in their segment – each list usually starts from the most popular to the least popular. They help give you a sense of what is trending and if you ever feel like exploring a different genre you can always have a place to check out the best available.

In-App Suggestions

Like most podcast lovers and ultimately users of the internet understands – the internet has a way of knowing what you want, and sometimes even before you do. Podcast companies such as Apple, Spotify, Overcast and Stitcher, curate a list of podcasts you are likely to enjoy – using the current list of podcasts you currently listen to and their special "tech magic". While some are put together by well-built algorithms, others are done manually by humans – who eat and breathe podcasts. Regardless you are most likely to find your next favourite podcast on the list.

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Podcast Newsletters

Newsletters are the wave of the moment- every company and brand is sending out newsletters these days. If you are familiar with one you would know that they are always giving out suggestions on what to do after reading the letter. In the same vein, so do podcast-centered newsletters – they suggest podcasts that they feel everyone should get in on, Sometimes it is about lesser-known podcasts with great content, other times it is about podcasts talking about niched topics. Either way, if you want to get an influx of podcast suggestions, so you never run dry – subscribing to a podcast centered newsletter is advisable.

Podcast Ads

When it comes to podcast ads there are various types – one is in-episode ads. These are usually done as part of podcasts you are listening to. Then there is the other ads placement that is done everywhere else but usually where the target audience likes to visit. So if you like video games – you are likely to see an advertisement for gaming podcasts on your internet feeds. Most people prefer the in-episode ads because it comes with a sense of reassurance – since it is coming from a podcast you already enjoy.

Waking up with a podcast on iOS

Podcast Alarm is a fully featured podcast player and alarm. You can set up queues of your favourite episodes and listen to them whenever you like. Why not subscribe to your favourite podcast and have the latest episode wake you up every weekday morning. There are lots of screenshots and videos in our "How to set a podcast as an alarm on iphone?" blog post.

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Telvin I.

by Telvin I.

January 26, 2021

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