The Ultimate Guide To Your School Morning Routine (+ Remote Learning)

The morning school run can be a stressful time. Not only do you have to get ready for a busy day at work but you also have to get the kids or yourself organised and ready to go. The challenge is real!

Organisation is key for setting the day off on the right foot, allowing you to be in a positive headspace by the time you make it to work.

Your morning routine for school starts the night before ⏰

  • 1) Pack lunches the night before - this will not only save you time in the morning, but keep everyone healthy and reduce your costs.
  • 2) Check the weather and your schedule for the next day at work and decide what you want to wear in advance. Set this out clean, ironed and ready to go.
  • 3) Get the kids to have their uniforms ready too, or do this for them if they are still too young.
  • 4) Check the kids have their bags packed and homework complete. Don't forget about any art folders, p.e. kits or hockey sticks. There's nothing worse than making it half way to school to have to turn around.
  • 5) Pack your own bag too - make sure your phone is charged and you have anything else you need ready to go.
  • 6) Bedtime is not just for the kids! Make sure you set both the kids and yourself a reasonable bedtime. A good night's sleep will ensure everyone's in better form for the early start.
  • 7) Set the heating in advance. Cold winter mornings make it harder to part with the duvet.
  • 8) Set an early alarm. Setting your alarm a little earlier than need be will allow you to have some me time before everyone is up. We might be biased but we recommend setting a Podcast Alarm! Wake up to something interesting and less painful than a regular alarm noise.

Your routine in the morning 🌅

  • 1) Get up. When you hear your alarm get up and start moving. Lying on will only make getting out of bed harder.
  • 2) You might like to take this time to work out or stretch. This will release endorphins and really help to motivate you for the day ahead.
  • 3) Get a shower - nothing quite wakes you up like a shower. Get ahead of the rest of the family.
  • 4) Wake up whoever is next in line for the bathroom
  • 5) Brush your teeth, do your hair/make up and get dressed. You might enjoy listening to a podcast while you do these mundane daily tasks.
  • 6) If your family share 1 bathroom make sure everyone has enough time. You might have to bang on the door to hurry one child along so they don't hold everyone else up.
  • 7) While everyone else is getting ready take a moment to enjoy coffee or your drink of choice and a healthy breakfast.
  • 8) Make sure everyone has had something to eat.
  • 9) Pop everyone's lunch boxes in their bags - when the kids are older you can delegate some of this prep.
  • 10) Check the kids have everything on them that they need - don't let them forget to pick up that art folder
  • 11) Leave yourself plenty of time for your journey. Traffic only adds stress to your day if you're running late, so give yourself some extra time.
  • 12) Drop the kids to school and try to get to work a little early. This gives you time to get out of parenting zone and into the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Check your notes, emails and schedule.

Super organised and like to check off a list? We made one for you, enjoy!

School morning routine printable checklist and chart School morning routine printable checklist and chart

Bonus Remote Learning Guide

Remote learning comes with an additional set of considerations, we got you covered.

  • 1) This one takes a bit of advanced preparation, but having the best connection possible is key to a great remote learning experience. Shop around and ask neighbours who gets the best speeds and connection. You don't want to be cut off in the middle of something important.
  • 2) Headphones charged and ready to go, a good set of headphones will help take away distractions and help concentration.
  • 3) Create a quite learning zone, try and separate an area of your home to only be for learning, it will help with focus.
  • 4) Plan the day, structure is super important, if you don't have a school timetable then you should set out your own for you or your child. Make sure to get out of the house for a walk a lunch and burn some energy.
  • 5) Having the best tech you can afford is going to add a boost to your home learning experience a new laptop with a webcam and good speakers is a treat you deserve!

We hoped you found our morning routine checklist helpful! Don’t forget to check out the Podcast Alarm app and see how it can help brighten up your morning routine.

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Dee Jardine

by Dee Jardine

September 20, 2020

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