Interview: Wake Me Up Podcast by Tyler Brown

We spoke to Tyler Brown the creator and host of the Wake Me Up Podcast to find out what inspired him to create the super popular morning podcast that Podcast Alarm users love.

Can you tell us about your podcast?

Wake Me Up uses meditation, mindfulness, and motivation to help listeners start their day in the best possible way. There are morning routine episodes, which guide you out of bed, clear your mind with meditation, and end with motivation to get you excited about the day. Other episodes include meditation minis and motivation minis. These are shorter (great for a rushed morning), and help listeners find focus and positivity as they begin the day.

Where did you get the idea for your podcast?

I used to hit the snooze button for hours (no joke). It was a total waste - I wasn't sleeping, and I wasn't being productive. I'd usually just lay there and scroll through social media. After much trial and error, I found a routine that helped me get out of bed. It massively changed how the rest of my day went. Of course, I still fall prey to the snooze button from time to time, but making this simple adjustment drastically improved my life. I just had to share it. I couldn't keep it to myself.

Why does your podcast help and how?

We all want to be happier, more positive, more productive, etc. Life kicks you in the shin sometimes though. It's inevitable. With Wake Me Up, you can load your brain with clarity, positivity, and energy before the day even starts. I try to throw more positivity out than any one person can handle, with little philosophical nuggets sprinkled in here and there. It really helps to get your mind right before you go about the day. Most people begin to see big changes after just a few days. For example, listeners have said they enjoy more energy, self-love, and self-confidence, a clearer head, and deeper compassion for others.

What is your morning routine?

Wake up, drink a glass of water, wash my face with cold water, make a warm beverage, and go for a walk to get my blood flowing and clear my head.

Any tips for starting a day when you are not motivated at all?

Own it! It's ok to not be motivated some days. Be motivated to enjoy the feeling of non-motivation. Listen to yourself. If your mind/body are saying "I need to take it easy today," then take it easy. Whatever you do, do it 100%. If you're going to relax, relax 100%. Your motivation will return pretty quickly if you allow yourself the rest you need and deserve.

You are relatively new podcast, can you share some insight into starting out?

First, I've found my listeners are my best friends. I try to listen to them and treat them with respect and admiration. There are thousands of podcasts, and they've showed up to listen to me. That's not to be taken lightly. They are my partners on this journey, and they will be the only reason I succeed, so I treat them like the gems that they are. Second, don't start a podcast for superficial reasons - money, personal attention, etc. So many podcasts release five episodes and then disappear because they haven't made any money. It's a slow grind starting from zero. You have to show up regularly for a long time before things really start to happen. So if you want to do a podcast (or anything in life for that matter), do something that makes you feel good. Do a show connected to something you care about so much that you'd even do it for free. Of course, making money from the show can be a goal, but if it's the main goal, you're there for the wrong reason, and you probably will end up wasting your own time and money along the way. Listeners will call your bulls***, and they should if you're putting out garbage just to make a quick buck or boost your ego.

What are your plans for the future?

Go full Bob Ross. A decade+ of building a top-notch show that makes people happy and teaches them that they can truly do anything they put their mind to.

Tyler Brown - Creator of Wake Me Up Tyler Brown - Creator of Wake Me Up

If you had one tip to help people have a better day what would that be?

Own your day. It's your day. You don't have the power to control everything that happens, but you do have complete control over how you respond to what happens. If you choose to be happy, and you practice the skill set to do so, you will find happiness everywhere you look every single day of your life.

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June 07, 2020

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